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Hillary Accuses Trump of Using White House for Personal Gain…wait, what??

When the Clinton’s left the White House they were forced to return thousands of dollars worth of furniture, china, flatware, rugs, and televisions, they thought belonged to them.

After being highly criticized, they offered to pay $86,000 of the over $190,000 value for the items.

They were forced to return another $28,000 in gifts valued at $114,000 which were donated by the Parks Services. ‘The gifts were donated to the White House, not the Clinton’s,’ according to a spokesperson at the National Park Services.

Fast forward to the Trump administration where Hillary now states, “He has undermined the office and used it to enrich himself and his family. Disregarded laws, ethical standards,” she claimed. “He’s crossed into a territory of behavior and actions that are unpredictable, that are erratic, that are undermining the stability of the global order.”

Wow. Just wow. This woman is delusional.

WND news site compiled a list of the 22 biggest Clinton scandals and how they got rich off the American people. I don’t think we’ve ever seen this extent of greed or power-grab by any other President or First lady in our history. The Clinotn’s are truly in a class of their own when it comes to selling out our country to line their pockets.



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