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CNN Calls ‘White Evangelical Men’ The ‘Cowardice Of Our Country’ In Shocking Racist Rant

CNN political reporter Bakari Sellers talked with Jake Tapper and propelled a fierce, supremacist rage against “white fervent men” who can’t help contradicting him politically.

“I do this regularly with regards to the Trump organization—I stay here in South Carolina, the bastion of fervency and Christianity, and every one of these voters, they simply deliberately ignore to Donald Trump and his conduct,” asserted Sellers.

“It astounds me that white evangelicals, particularly white male evangelicals in the South, appear to not give it a second thought. Like, they have the fearlessness to face Barack Obama wearing a tan suit or him needing dijon mustard, yet let Barack Obama circled, undermine his significant other—he presumably would have been dead in light of the fact that Michelle would have murdered him—yet let him say that he needed to be leader of the United States of America,” said Sellers.

“White zealous men would have walked to the White House like the walk on Washington. It would have been astonishing to perceive how irate they could get. Furthermore, now they are noiseless as chapel mice. So no, his help wouldn’t go anyplace in light of the fact that we’re seeing the weakness of our nation appearing on the other side,” guaranteed Sellers.

It is safe to say that you are tired of CNN’s outrageous inclination against white individuals and Christians?



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