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“She Has Blood On Her Hands” Father Of Teen Killed By Illegal Alien Shares Truth On Sanctuary City Mayor

While liberals get a kick out of the chance to imagine they are minding on the grounds that they need to let illegals escape with their violations, they haven’t thoroughly considered the outcomes of their activities. Oakland California is an asylum city, and accordingly Jamiel Shaw Jr. was murdered by displaced person Pedro Espinoza.

The father Shaw Sr. went onto Fox News and gave the leader of Oakland some appropriately harsh criticism. “You know, it was simply disturbing. [Schaaf’s] work is to secure the residents, the American nationals, you know. Furthermore, for her to stand firm that way, she’s enabling Americans to be killed,” said Shaw Sr.

“She has blood staring her in the face since she could have effectively recently released them into the prison framework and catch those offenders, yet she enabled them to turn out, and after that for individuals to be killed and assaulted and ransacked and data fraud; that is all on her and individuals like her,” said Shaw Sr.

“At this moment, you’re hearing everyone requesting to be protected in their schools and their groups. At the point when our children are killed, and we request to be protected, we’re all racists and extremists, and on the grounds that Trump bolsters us, we’re all terrible individuals,” said Shaw Sr.

“The person who murdered my child was on his third firearm charge! Be that as it may, they couldn’t care less if displaced people convey weapons and slaughter our children,” said Shaw Sr.




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