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Hannity Just Exposed A Very Dirty Secret From Mueller’s Past

Democrats regularly get a kick out of the chance to applaud Robert Mueller as the ideal man. Yet, Sean Hannity simply uncovered a mystery from his past.

“Robert Mueller’s profession has been definitely not immaculate. One of the most noticeably awful stains on his record originates from his opportunity Boston, where he filled in as colleague U.S. lawyer and acting U.S. lawyer in the ’80s. Amid this time famous Boston swarm manager Whitey Bulger, he was effectively drawn in by the FBI as a source. The connection amongst Bulger and the department was created with only debasement and criminal conspiracy,” clarified Hannity.

“Bulger’s FBI handler, fellow by the name of John Connolly concealed for huge numbers of the awful wrongdoings that were submitted by Bulger and his partners, including one case where four men were wrongfully surrounded and indicted and detained for a considerable length of time — just for a murder it turns out they didn’t confer. The men were at last absolved. A judge granted $101 million in harms, however not before two of the men really passed on in jail. Robert Mueller was the U.S. lawyer in control while these men were spoiling in jail while specific specialists in the FBI under Mueller concealed reality.”

“At the point when did [Robert Mueller] think about the greater part of this? These are questions I’m certain you have not gotten notification from your companions in the liberal media,” said Hannity.

A few individuals from Congress, the media, they’re commending Mueller. The mainstay of genuineness. The mainstay of goodness. They’ve never researched him. They’re in reality simply lying. It’s their idea. All the data we’re enlightening you concerning is in that spot, directly before the liberal predominant press in their appearances. They deliberately overlook it in light of the fact that their obliterate Trump plan — that goes regardless of anything else. Robert Mueller has a plan. He’s completing a witch chase. This is about as good anyone might expect,” said Hannity.




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