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BREAKING NEWS: There Are Dozens Of Donald Trump Sex Tapes

According to a recent story by Observer, the unsubstantiated ‘pee tap’ from the equally unsubstantiated Trump dossier is apparently not the only undermining Trump-related video. An ex-NSA agent has decided to investigate the possible existence of other Trump sex tapes.

While interrogating dozens of intelligence community officials around the globe, the former NSA agent found that not only do unfounded Trump-related sex tapes exist but, “As many as a dozen intelligence services worldwide, on four continents, are in possession of some sort of ‘Trump tape’ featuring sexual escapades of a controversial nature.

The official stumbled upon evidence that allegedly featured President Donald Trump and an underage individual. It’s worth mentioning, however, that the authenticity of the tapes has not been confirmed, and are even thought to be created by Russia to derail or forestall investigators.

The former NSA agent has added, “Over the decades, Trump has traveled widely—including to Russia more than once—and thereby exposed himself to surreptitious filming in numerous countries.”

President Donald Trump was under heavy criticism after the release of the audio recording by Access Hollywood in which Mr. Trump talked about groping women by their genitals and made other inappropriate comments.

So far no compelling evidence has been uncovered regarding the sexual accusations against the controversial US President, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller - who heads the investigation into a possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia – is yet to find a link between the Trump administration and Moscow.

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