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Catalan freedom choice in disarray as police conflict with voters

Barcelona, Spain Catalonia’s debated freedom submission was in confusion on Sunday, with reports of hundreds harmed as Spain’s national police propelled an across the board crackdown on the vote.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont denounced “aimless animosity” against serene voters. Spanish experts seemed resolved to deny the vote authenticity by forestalling however many individuals as could be expected under the circumstances from throwing polls.

Local experts said 337 individuals were harmed after Madrid conveyed the national police power to shut down surveying stations. Catalan crisis administrations affirmed the number to CNN.

Barcelona’s representative leader said police shot elastic projectiles at individuals as they endeavored to vote in the choice, which Spain’s best court has proclaimed illicit. There were reports that police in Girona utilized rod.

Spain’s Inside Service said nine individuals from the national police power and two individuals from the Common Monitor had been harmed in fights.


Spain: choice is ‘obtrusively illicit’

The national government is unappeasably contradicted to any breakaway moves by the northeastern district In a question and answer session in Madrid Sunday, Spanish Agent Leader Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría faulted the brutality for the “insane surge” of the Catalan local government to hold the “unlawful” vote.

“The choice couldn’t be held, and it’s not been held. To continue with this sham has neither rhyme nor reason, it doesn’t lead anyplace,” she said.

Shielding the national police activities, Saenz de Santamaria said their goal had been to seize material related to the choice and not to target Catalans.

She approached the Catalan government to end its “reckless conduct” and cancel the vote. “In spite of the outright lawlessness of this, they needed to keep, utilizing kids and old individuals neglectfully.”

Spanish National Police prevent people from entering a voting site at a school assigned to be a polling station by the Catalan government in Barcelona.

Spanish National Police keep individuals from entering a voting site at a school doled out to be a surveying station by the Catalan government in Barcelona.


Catalan government denounces ‘state brutality’

In Girona, where Puigdemont was because of the vote, police crushed their way into a surveying station by breaking a glass window. Puigdemont cast his tally in an adjacent town.

Catalan specialists said Education Minister Clara Ponsati I Obiols was coercively expelled from her surveying station.

Local government representative Jordi Turull told a public interview in Barcelona two hours in the wake of surveying started that in spite of the Spanish government’s endeavors, 73% of the surveying stations, 4,661 altogether, were open.

He blamed Madrid for being in charge of “a state brutality obscure to Spain since the period of Franco,” alluding to the previous military despot Francisco Franco who governed the nation with an iron clench hand for a long time until 1975.

Turull included that “the infringement of crucial rights in Catalonia isn’t an inside issue of Spain, it is an interior issue of the EU, and we Catalans are natives of the EU.”

At the point when inquired as to whether it was all justified, despite all the trouble, he answered, “Shielding majority rules system will be constantly justified, despite all the trouble.”

In a tweet, the Catalan organization approached the Spanish government delegate in the territory to leave.




Catalonia’s nonconformist government has stayed inflexible that the vote on autonomy would proceed. Many schools assigned as surveying stations were involved overnight trying to keep them open on submission day.

Voters oppose Madrid to cast votes

People wait at the doors of a school in Barcelona to start voting during the Catalan independence referendum.

Individuals hold up at the entryways of a school in Barcelona to begin voting amid the Catalan autonomy submission.

Individuals hold up at the entryways of a school in Barcelona to begin voting amid the Catalan freedom choice.

“This minute means a great deal to me,” Joana Rauet, 89, told CNN in the wake of making her choice at the Josep Maria Jojol school in Barcelona Sunday. “I feel fulfilled that I could participate. I’m feeling extremely glad,” she said. Voters were applauded and embraced by a holding up swarm as they cleared out the school, having thrown their poll. Individuals disclosed to CNN they had been advised to remain in the event that the police touched base to close the voting station down.

“On the off chance that the police show up, I will hold fast. I will gently oppose,” Xan Fernando, 20, an understudy told CNN.

The question between the provincial government in Barcelona and the Spanish government has turned out to be progressively severe as of late, with mass dissents held over the locale.

Catalonia independence vote descends into chaos – CNN

In the run-up to the vote, national experts seized vote papers, voter records, and crusade material, and also sending a huge number of additional national police to the locale. High-positioning Catalan authorities associated with sorting out the submission were captured.

In a previous couple of days, specialists obstructed the utilization of a voting area application and seized vote-tallying programming.

Puigdemont, who called the choice in June, had encouraged voters to go to the surveys Sunday in spite of Madrid’s resistance.

The 5.3 million voters on the appointive roll were being made a request to react yes or no to the inquiry: “Do you need Catalonia to be a free state, as a Republic?”

Surveying stations are because of shutting down at 8 p.m. nearby time on Sunday. Results are normal around 10 p.m. nearby time (4 p.m. ET).

Why is the choice occurring?

Catalonia, a well-off area in Spain’s upper east, has its own local government – or Generalitat – which as of now has extensive controls over medicinal services, training, and expense accumulation.

However, Catalan patriots need all the more, contending that they are a different country with their own particular history, culture, and dialect and that they ought to have expanded monetary freedom.

Catalan referendum, explained: What's behind the push to break from Spain?

The district pays the assessment to Madrid, and professional freedom government officials contend that perplexing components for redistributing charge income are uncalled for on wealthier regions and result in Catalonian incomes sponsoring different parts of Spain.

Others, including Spanish Head administrator Mariano Rajoy, demand that the nation can’t be isolated.

Catalonia’s crusade to split away has been picking up force since 2010 when Spain’s economy dove amid the budgetary emergency. Catalonia held a representative survey in 2014, in which 80% of voters upheld finish withdrawal – yet just 32% of the electorate turned out.

People wave Spanish national flags as thousands demonstrate Saturday in Madrid in favor of Spanish unity.

Individuals wave Spanish national banners as thousands show Saturday in Madrid for Spanish solidarity.

The Catalan government has not yet clarified how it will react in case of a “yes” vote.

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